The Making of an Indian Surgeon

Heart, Guts & Steel – The Making of an Indian Surgeon” is my first in a series of memoirs that detail the process of training a surgeon.

In this book that has been widely acclaimed by readers, you’ll get rare and precious insight into what turns a raw, wet-behind-the-ears medical intern into a compassionate, tough and strong surgeon who is ready to take on the challenges of treating very sick patients – and saving lives.

Told in a narrative story-telling style that is engaging and riveting, ‘Heart, Guts & Steel’ is an interesting read for both medical and non-medical readers.

Whether you’re a starry-eyed high-school student, an aspiring medical school attendee, or a freshly graduated young doctor eager to begin a training program in surgery, you’ll find this guide helpful.

And if you’re a full-fledged surgeon in a busy clinical practice, you’ll enjoy a tinge of nostalgic memories as you re-live those hectic, strenuous, yet lovely days as a General Surgery resident.

Heart, Guts & Steel – The Making of an Indian Surgeon‘ is available for sale on Amazon. Get your copy today.